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Yocaher Longboard Shape Guide

Updated: Mar 21, 2018


Our lowrider shape is perfect for high-speed, downhill longboarding. It combines the lowered platform of a drop-down deck with the truck mounting of a drop through. Yocaher lowrider decks are 9 plies of maple with medium concave and only a slight flex. The result is the lowest possible ride with incredible stability at the fastest of speeds.

While the lowrider is intended for experienced downhill riders, it is also a capable freeride shape. Placing the rider’s weight more inline with the axles allows the lowrider shape to break into slides easier than most top-mounted decks. Its ample cutaways also eliminate the possibility of wheel bite. If you are looking to lay down some thane, or you just like to predrift into the apex, the lowrider is the shape for you.

Check out our Lowrider HERE

Drop Down

The drop-down shape utilizes a downward curve between the trucks to lower the rider’s platform. However, unlike drop-through longboards, a drop down is top-mounted truck design. This combination of features makes our drop-down shapes equally adept at downhill and freeride longboarding.

The reason drop-down longboards work well for downhill lies in their inherent stability. The lowered platform enables the rider’s own weight to stabilize the longboard at high speeds. Top mounting the trucks allows for sharp turns at low speed and adds to the shape’s stability when going fast. However, its slightly higher platform (than the lowrider shape) allows freeride longboarders to kick out into slides with relative ease.

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Drop Through

Drop through longboards have cutouts on the nose and tail ends of the board. The trucks pass through these cutouts, mounting on the top side of the deck. This configuration places the rider closer to the pavement than does a deck that mounts on top the trucks. However, there is no downward curve to the deck shape like there is with the drop down.

Drop throughs are suitable for experienced freeride longboarders, though they also work well as transportation. There is less dive when turning, so drop throughs have a more stable feel, but they break into slides easier than top-mounted designs. Coupled with mild concave and stiff flex, the drop through is the most stable ride available in a platform without a downward curve..

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The fishtail is a classic, surf-inspired shape. It is perfect for carving out wide lines. Thanks to its mild concave and flex, Yocaher fishtail shapes offer the rider superb control over their carves, be they heelside or toeside. Top mounting the trucks also results in a more pronounced dive into turns than any dropped deck can offer.

Yocaher’s fishtail shape has small cutaway wheel wells to help prevent wheel bite. It is a great shape for riders used to carving, but who are looking to get into freeride longboarding. They also work well for transportation, as well as being a reasonable substitute when the surf is flat.

Check out our Fishtails HERE


The pintail is the original longboard shape. Before there were kicktails and drop downs, there were pintails. The shape owes its design to the surfing origins of longboarding. It is great for producing slashing carves, just like a short surfboard – minus the fins, of course.

The pintail’s riding platform is wide enough to let the rider move around a bit, but it thins out considerably at the trucks. The result is a deck that dives into turns, without much less risk of wheel bite than many other cruising shapes. Yocaher pintails also include ground wheel wells to further reduce the chance of wheel bite. Thanks to their multidiscipline capabilities, Yocaher pintails are the perfect beginner’s longboard.

Check out our Pintails HERE


The kicktail shape is similar in most respects to the pintail shape. The main difference being that the kicktail has raised tail, not unlike those of trick skateboards. Kicktails offer all the benefits of a pintail – free turning, tight carving, no wheel bite – with the additional maneuverability that only a raised tail can offer.

Yocaher kicktail longboards have mild concave and medium flex, both of which give the rider extra control when it matters most. They are great for beginners and expert carvers alike, and they also make for perfect urban or campus transportation.

Check out our Fishtails HERE