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Why ALUMinum?

Updated: Oct 6, 2017

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Most people like to ask which board could afford more than 250 lbs? Could you boards last longer? Are your decks strong enough for carving or downhill?

Normally, we are unable to guarantee it. Why? The reason is because wood decks are hard to control and the condition will be based on how the skaters use it.

f you push different strength on the board specially unbalanced strength, the deck will break easier than regular usage. Temperature is also one of the variables. Wood is very easily corroded by wet conditions and falls apart over time. Wood has to be protected from the elements with coatings and sealers to get any decent life in harsh conditions.

This year, Yocaher Skateboard decides to launch new Aluminum longboards which will solve most issues you run into. So what advantages are these Aluminum longboards comparing with our wood drop through longboards?

Aluminum Drop through - 8lbs // Wood Drop through - 9lbs

Aluminum Max Afford - Above 250lbs // Wood Max Afford - Under 250lbs

Aluminum Bend or Break - NOPE // Wood Bend or Break - most likely

People might consider the price as part of the reasons for choosing longboards. So Yocaher Skateboard decides to bring you the most economic price for Aluminum longboards. Right now, you can enjoy a stable, responsive, flexible, light weight and strong 36" aluminum complete drop through longboard by spending a regular wood longboard price.


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