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Updated: May 8, 2018

Our newest graphics celebrate the roots of longboarding, which date back to the early days of surfing. The first skateboards were built by surfers who wanted to be able to ride even when the surf was flat. Those first designs only vaguely resembled surfing, but longboarding has come a long way since then. Yocaher longboards come much closer to approximating the rush of dropping in on the perfect wave.

The VW bus featured on these new decks was a favorite of those original boarders. It had space up top for several surfboards, plus the room inside to make crashing at the beach a comfortable experience for the whole crew. Those vans simply oozed surfing cool, and they remain as popular as ever among wave riders. Generations of surfers have parked these VWs on beaches around the world, waiting patiently for the surf to rise, and they continue to do the same to this day.

There are two different styles of the VW deck to choose from. Select either the blue or pink model, whichever better represents your style. The screen printing and the color palette of these boards is reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s classic pop art, but these Yocahers are 100-percent originals, just like you.

If you are on the search for a cutout deck with unique graphics that represent your appreciation for the long history of our sport, or if you are a surfer yourself, this is the board for you! Each of these models is the perfect choice for a cruise on the boardwalk or a spin by the sea wall. They are the perfect companions for those otherwise-boring days when the ocean lays flat. Grab one of these newest Yocahers, and show everyone you appreciate your roots. With a Yocaher longboard in hand, the surf is always up!

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