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new longboard series: geometrics

Are you looking for the perfect longboard graphics, but you cannot seem to find anything that speaks to you? Board graphics don’t need to be all skulls and flames, do they? Of course not, and that is why Yocaher offers a wide variety of shapes and graphics. We aim to provide every rider with a longboard that is unlike any other, just like our riders themselves. The graphics on these freshest of Yocahers put the FUN back in functional.

Our newest Yocaher longboards harken back to an earlier, simpler time, but they are still completely modern. They fit right in with the current 80s nostalgia rippling through our sport, and yet they somehow transcend any sort of sentimentality. It’s a new day, and these boards are expression of that. They are both modern and timeless – instant classics. These aren’t your dad’s longboads.

The patterns on the Geometric models utilize a limited color palette, embracing the simplicity for which longboarding is known. Choose from the green model (with blue accents) or the purple model (with pink accents), whichever one speaks to you the most. Both of these new designs incorporate negative space, which shows of the beautiful wood grain of the hard rock maple bottom layer.

Let’s face it, styles change over time, and trends come and go like the tides of the ocean. We design and build Yocaher longboards to last. The board and graphics you choose should be a reflection of yourself, and they should not be dated. The cutouts and drop-down design of these decks will always be functional, and the sharp angles and muted color choices will never go out of style. Whether you thrash your boards in a matter of months or you keep them in like-new condition for years to come, the Geometric will never get old.

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