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late trick skateboard series: frontside late shuvit

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Late tricks have never been overly popular. They had their day, but they were never the “in” tricks that pressure flips and varial kickflips were. That’s probably why you still see the occasional ripper bust out the occasional late trick. A late trick seems to come out of nowhere.

The beautiful thing about late tricks is that they let you do eye-catching tricks over big obstacles. If you can ollie over something, you can likely do a late trick over it. On that note, we're starting a "Late Trick Skateboard" series that will feature various late tricks every other week. This week's Late Trick will be...

Frontside Late Shuvit

This is probably the best place to start for people looking to get some late tricks into their bag. The frontside late shuvit is relatively simple, at least compared to some of the more technical late tricks. It isn’t very intricate. It’s just quirky.

What to Learn First

Obviously, it will help if you can already do frontside pop shuvits. The other trick you need to have down is frontside 180 ollies. While the late shuvit has similarities to both of these tricks, it is not simply a mashup. It is much different from a pop shuvit, because you have to ollie first. And, though it feels similar to a frontside 180, you will not spin your body with the board.

How to Do It

Set up for a big frontside 180. Using a curb cut or a launch will give you more time, and for some reason the extra bump makes this trick look cooler. Snap off the ollie at the peak of the bump, then start to rotate your hips as you level the board. However, don’t rotate your shoulders like you would for a frontside 180. Just open the hips.

Here are the 3 main step to landing this trick... Pop, Late push and spin, Landing

Step 1: Back foot heel side pocket, Front foot is hanging on the toe side closer to the bolts. Give leverage by placing blackfoot in the pocket.

Step 2: Practice basic Ollies to give a good warm-up / starting point.

Step 3: Snap off at the peak of the Ollie trick, kick the board forward with your heel to initiate the board's rotation. This will feel awkward at first, but when you practice several times, you'll get the timing right.

Step 4: Land it good!


At the highest point of the ollie, scissor kick your feet, pushing your front foot behind you and your back foot to the front. Try to do this in one smooth motion as you execute the ollie. The board should naturally leave your feet and spin as you scissor kick. Try to catch it in the air, but it’s okay to simply land on the deck as you learn the trick.

That wraps up our Frontside Late Shuvit blog this week. Stay tuned for our next late trick soon!

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