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Flashback friday featuring: lexi blaes

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

What was the spark of inspiration (person or situation) that lead you to your passion for longboarding? 

Well, in high school I had a huge crush on this guy who had a longboard. I thought he would see me as really cool if I got a longboard too. Nothing ever happened with the crush but I instantly fell in love with longboarding and just never stopped.  

What was your first longboard shape? Share us your first experience

My first longboard shape was a pintail. I didn’t really know where I should get a longboard at the time so I just went to the mall and bought one from a Zumiez. I thought I was doing pretty good after a few weeks so I decided to try riding down the big hill behind my house (the one my dad had specifically told me not to ride down). Well…I was certainly not good enough yet, got the speed wobbles, didn’t know what to do, jumped off and crashed big time! I was still bleeding the next day during my high school graduation ceremony.

Do you have any idols or people that heavily inspire you? 

In college, I started dating a really good longboarder named JC. He taught me so much about being fearless and going for those big hills. We are still together and, even though we are more evenly matched in skill level these days, I still really look up to him as the person who truly taught me how to be a good longboarder and how to enjoy every minute of it.

What’s your advice for beginners?

You’re going to fall down. It sucks but it’s okay. The more you get back up, the better you will become and then you will discover the beauties of the sport. You will never want to stop after that!

My most favorite longboard moment was one fall evening my senior year of college when JC and I were out longboarding some of our favorite hills in Athens, Ohio. The fall air was crisp but not uncomfortable and the low, evening sun was casting a warm glow on the hillsides. At the top of Union Street, JC and I push off together and lean into the right turn bend in the road. It was glassy smooth with new, fresh lain pavement and the breeze began to flow around my hair as we picked up speed. I carve slightly left to get right up behind him and lean down to go even faster. I'm so close that I begin drafting off JC. His weight is more than mine, which usually allows him to ride ahead, faster than me, down the hill. However, this moment was different; this was the first time I could feel his forward momentum pulling me with him! Faster and faster until we followed the gentle left curve of the road at the bottom of the hill and slowly began to loose our speed. I stood up as he turned around and smiled at me. I smiled back. It was the most amazing downhill run I'd ever experienced.

Thanks for reading our Flashback Friday blog featuring various Longboard and Skateboard riders. Catch our next blog next week!

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