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Christmas 2017 Gift Guide - Skateboard Edition

Skateboarders can be a difficult lot to please. The similarities between equipment and components are many, while the differences are few and subtle. Those differences jump out to skateboarders, though. Skaters never forget their first board. Though they may move on to different brands over time, the joy a first board brings them lingers for life. Yocaher skateboards are a great entryway into the sport, and that is a point of pride for us.  

How to choose the right skateboard

Okay, so you’ve decided to get a skateboard for the young person in your life. Great decision! The next step is to narrow down the selection a bit. To simplify things, all Yocaher complete skateboards come with heavy-duty aluminum trucks and 54mm urethane wheels (a very popular size). The included bearings are ABEC-7s, our fastest options. Finally, we top off our 7-ply Canadian maple decks (industry standard) with premium, 80A black griptape. 

Board Dimensions - Considerations

Skateboards come in different widths and lengths, but the length is much less of a concern to skaters than the width. Boards can be anywhere from 7.5 inches to 8.5 inches wide. There are some boards that exceed these dimensions in either direction, but they are specialty items and should not be purchased blindly as gifts.

Skateboarders often develop an affinity for a certain board width. It takes time for this to happen, though. All Yocaher completes come standard with 7.75-inch decks. We do offer some of our boards in other dimensions, but they require purchasing the rest of the components separately.

It may be worth the extra effort to get a different sized board, if it means your young rider will use it. No one likes seeing a skateboard take up permanent residence in the closet. Take the following considerations into account when making your decision, and your young skater will get the most value and use from the board you choose.

Skater’s Age

Young, growing kids usually do better with a board that measures less than 8 inches in width. These skateboards will be easier for small feet to maneuver. They are also considerably easier to learn tricks on, especially flip tricks. For these riders, a Yocaher complete skateboard will be ideal. Otherwise, keep deck widths to 8 inches or below for the younger skaters.

Skater’s Experience

The only reason experience level comes into play in board selection is because experienced skaters may have a preference. Skateboarders usually develop an affinity for a certain width of board, and they tend to stick to that width. It is the first thing most skaters look at when sifting through piles of decks in a skate shop. It may be worth asking your loved one some questions, but be careful not to give away the surprise! Regardless, skaters quickly grow accustomed to a new shape and deck size.


There are three basic terrains that skateboarders ride. Some skateboarders move seamlessly from one terrain to another, but others stick to only one. Understanding what terrains are available to your skateboarder will help you make a wise decision. 


Street skaters ride on urban terrain, jumping down stairs and sliding on rails and ledges. It is a demanding type of skating, and it demands an agile skateboard. Street decks these days seldom measure below 8 inches in width. Some younger riders may prefer a 7.5-inch deck for its ease in flipping, while older skaters may prefer a board that is up to 8.25 inches wide. It is best to stay within these measurements for a properly functioning street deck, though. 


The modern concrete skatepark is becoming ubiquitous. At these parks, the riding surface is typically silky smooth, and the transitions are perfectly suited for maintaining speed while riding. Park decks usually run a little larger than street decks, depending on the size of the skater. Decks of 7.75 inches are the minimum size you will usually find at a skatepark, but boards of 8.5 inches are not uncommon. Again, a Yocaher complete will likely suffice for most skatepark riders. 


Wooden halfpipes were once extremely common in skateboarding, but they are not quite as popular as they used to be. They are still a typical riding surface in rural areas, though. Because of the constant speed ramp skaters achieve as they go back and forth, smaller decks are rarely seen on these surfaces. For stability’s sake, it would be wise to purchase a deck of at least 8 inches in width if you know your skater will be riding ramps exclusively. 

The Most Popular Yocaher Skateboards in 2017

Now that you know what width of skateboard you are looking for, you can focus your attention on the graphics. This is not the most critical decision in the process, but it is an important consideration. Skateboarders usually like to have graphics that speak to them, even if they won’t last long. 

As your skater learns to ride and slide on obstacles, the graphics on the bottom of the board will inevitably be destroyed. In the meantime, the graphic art is the one thing that a new skateboarder will forever associate with their first board. If they continue to skate, they will remember those graphics for the rest of their lives. So, try to pick something that represents your skater’s personality and interests. Here are some of our most popular boards this season. 

Retro Series

Get something for the gamer in your life, and get them up off the couch and outside being active. The graphics on our Retro Series boards harken back to the early days of video games. They are inspired by some of the most iconic characters of the past, but they are all modern. Each deck in the Retro Series is available as a standalone board in a variety of shapes. Or, you can cut to the chase and get each of them as a complete setup. A perfect gift for siblings, as each can have their own. 

Comix Series

What kid doesn’t love comic books? The Comix Series has a little something for everyone. The characters in this series are all based on classic superheroes of the past, but each is thoroughly up to date. Each board is available in multiple sizes as a deck, or as a complete setup with a 7.75-inch board. With such colorful and vibrant graphics, it’s no wonder these boards are among our best sellers this season. POW!

Holographic Series

Speaking of colorful, the iridescent palate on our Holographic Series shines as brightly as any skater could want. A perfect gift for the skater with a flashy personality, the Holographic Series deck is available in several sizes, or you can get it as a complete. We offer the same graphics on several of our cruiser shapes as well, so be sure to purchase the “skateboard” option for the skater in your life. 

Pika Series

Inspired by one of the most popular characters of modern times, our Pika Series is proving to be a huge hit. With graphics that are at once cute and frightening, this is the perfect board for young ones who are hip to current trends. For various sizes, select the deck option, then be sure to complete the setup with the other necessary Yocaher components. Or, simplify things with a pre-assembled complete skateboard. Again, there are cruiser shapes in this series, so make sure you get your skater the Pika Skateboard option. 

Hot Rod Series

A new-school shape with old-school graphics, the art on our Hot Rod Series is a throwback to the heyday of street skateboarding. In the 1980s, graphics such as these were all the rage. The 80s are making a triumphant return in street skating today. All the old tricks are new again, and the same goes for the graphics. These boards are sure to be a hit with any skater who’s up with the times. 

Skull Series

Skulls have always been, and will always be, a popular depiction in skateboard graphics. Perhaps it’s their iconoclastic nature? Whatever the reason, you just can’t go wrong with a Skull Series board. Available only as completes, the Skull Series also comprises cruiser shapes, so be certain to select either the Skull Cop or the Skull Hat skateboard. 

As a heads up, we are set to offer our customers several sales before Christmas. The first sale, is during the week of Thanksgiving (November 23 to November 28). All merchandise will be 20 percent off during that time. The sale is reduced to 15 percent off your purchase price from November 29 to December 7. The week of December 8 to December 17 will be the last chance to save, as prices will drop by 10 percent. The sooner you commit to your skateboard, the more you will save. The early bird gets the worm - and the deals!


At Yocaher, we take great pride in our role as an entryway into the world of skateboarding. Every year, untold thousands of new skateboarders take up the sport, and many of them do so on a Yocaher board. Of course, you can get a more expensive skateboard. But our boards rival any of our competition’s products in terms of quality, and our prices cannot be beat. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your young ones outside and on Yocaher skateboards where they belong.

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