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Christmas 2017 Gift Guide - Longboard Edition

Some Christmas gifts seem to be perfect. The recipient’s eyes light up and the excitement is palpable. But Christmas gifts are not all equal. Video games are an easy out, but they do nothing to get a kid moving. It’s the same for all the most common electronics and gadgets. Why not go a different route?

A longboard is a gift that gets kids motivated to be active. Remember when Christmas mornings meant kids were outside playing with their new toys? That’s what a longboard does. It brings excitement and exercise to Christmas, and it keeps those kids moving for the rest of the year. Welcome to the Longboard Edition our Christmas 2017 Gift Guide. Now, let’s get your loved one on the perfect longboard. 

Choosing the perfect longboard - Considerations

Deciding that a longboard is the perfect gift for the young person in your life is the easy part. But, as you begin your search, you will soon discover that the options are many. The main difference between most longboards lies in the shape of the deck. The graphics on the bottom are important to riders, but they are more a matter of taste than function. 

We suggest you decide on a shape or group of shapes first, then turn your attention to the graphics. Here are a few things you should take into account when selecting a longboard shape. 


Longboards have become extremely specialized over the last decade. For example, some boards, such as drop-down decks, are meant for experienced downhill riders. Then, there are longboards that are designed for multiple purposes. These boards appeal to the beginner and experienced rider alike. 

Pintails are a great entryway into the sport of longboarding. The original longboards were mostly pintails, and the shape is considered a classic. Pintails provide the most surf-like riding experience, harkening back to the original inspiration for skateboarding. 

Age and size

The term longboard is an all-encompassing term, and it includes some shapes that are really not that long at all. As such, it is important to consider the size of the rider and to choose an appropriately sized board. It does no good to purchase a dream board for a young child, only for it to take up permanent residence in the closet. 

Smaller kids tend to do better with shorter boards. These are the mini cruisers and micro cruisers. They are short enough for little feet to maneuver around on, and they won’t intimidate a young beginner. Larger kids and older ones may prefer a bigger board, though that is not necessarily the case. For these riders, there are a couple more things to think about.


For experienced riders, terrain is one of the greatest factors determining which shape to choose. If the person lives in an area that is relatively flat or mostly urban, then their longboarding will likely be limited to cruising. Drop-through boards, slimkicks and kicktails are all great on flat terrain. However, if your loved one lives in a hilly or mountainous area, they may wish to move on to downhill riding as they progress in their abilities. 

Downhill riders tend to prefer drop-down boards for their stiffness and their ease in sliding. These shapes are better for riders with some experience, though. The urban longboarder usually goes for a more versatile shape. Pintails and drop-throughs are good for transportation, but an upraised kicktail will provide more maneuverability and functionality. If the rider happens to live near a skatepark, an old school deck will let them enjoy carving up the transitions, while still being functional as transportation and for cruising around town.

Complete or Deck?

Longboards are available as complete, ready-to-skate setups; or you can purchase them as individual components. If you decide on just a deck, make sure that the person receiving the board has the other components available. If they are experienced riders, they likely have the trucks, wheels and bearings leftover from other boards, but not necessarily. Some people also split the component purchases among family members.

The safest bet is to purchase a complete longboard. You will almost always save money buying a complete setup over purchasing individual components. All the parts on Yocaher completes are professional quality, so the longboard will be ready to ride when it arrives at its destination. The parts are also multi-function, so the recipient can swap them out as they wear. And, if the person you are buying it for isn’t fond of the shape, it is easy to get a different board and put it on the nearly universal trucks and wheels. 

The Most Popular Yocaher Longboards for Christmas 2017

At Yocaher, we take great pride in offering longboard options that not only suit any terrain, but please any rider as well. Once you have decided on a shape, the next consideration is the graphics. This is where knowing your rider’s likes and dislikes will help. The following options are some of our most popular ones, but of course, we have many more styles and series available.

The Spirit Animal Series

Get in touch with your natural side, and find your spirit animal. Are you cunning like a wolf? Maybe you are wise as an owl. Or, perhaps you are as brave as a lion. The Spirit Animal series is personal, but it has a broad appeal. We offer each design in some of longboarding’s most popular shapes, with heavy-duty all-aluminum trucks and our fastest ABEC-7 bearings.

The Wander Series

Don’t be tied down. Our Wander Series boards are perfect for young ones who are just starting to explore their world. With complete mini-cruiser and micro-cruiser shapes, these boards are just right for the skatepark or the sidewalk. Exploration is its own reward, and explorers are never lost. 

In the Pines Series

Skating is a natural form of transportation, free flowing and modern yet somehow ancient. The Pines Series is our nod to longboarding’s connection to the earth. Available in our most popular shapes, there is a Pines Series board for every rider, no matter the experience level. 

Gradient Series

Bright colors that pop are all the rage in longboarding, and our Gradient Series continues to outpace its more subdued competition. Fading expertly from one hue to the next, these graphics flow like the riders that inspired them. Gradient Series boards are all available as either completes or decks, and they come in a wide variety of shapes to suit most any riding style.

Route 66 Series

Get your kicks on a Route 66 series deck or complete. These popular designs bring retro styling into the 21st century with classic shapes and smart, colorful graphics. With four graphics options in a plethora of the most popular longboard shapes, our Route 66 boards put the fun back in functional. 


All of the previous board choices have one thing in common. Each of them is made with Canadian maple. While it is the most common skateboard material - owing to its stiffness and legendary pop - maple will eventual wear out. Not so for our Aluminum Series decks. If you’re in the market for a drop-through longboard, consider going aluminum. They will outlast any of their maple counterparts, and your longboarder will stand out in any crowd when riding one.

At Christmas time, each of us could stand to save money wherever possible. That’s why Yocaher is offering our customers several upcoming sales. During our first sale, which will kick off on Thanksgiving week (November 23 to November 28), we will take 20 percent off all merchandise orders. From November 29 to December 7, we’ll knock 15 percent off your purchase price. The last chance to save will be from December 8 to December 17, and prices will drop by 10 percent during that time. As you can see, the sooner you shop, the more you save. The early bird gets the worm - and the deals!


A longboard is more than just a gift, it is an entrance to a new lifestyle - one of adventure and activity. Yocaher longboards offer quality comparable to that of the competition, but in a more affordable package than most. They will get your loved one off the couch and outdoors being active and healthy, like a kid should be. 

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