Apr 27

Should I get a normal skateboard or a cruiser skateboard? (Beginner)


Edited: Apr 27

Danish Khan
May 15

American zero skateboard brand is good and heard about it on HyperOutdoor where people share their thoughts though and skateboarding is life of me though so now I am more willing to learn from HyperOutdoor tricks of skateboarding, so hope that HyperOutdoor will change my mind toward that I can not do to I can do

sunny peddi
Jun 10



Thankyou for the valuable information.iam very much impressed with this one.

Looking forward for the good posts.

Oct 5


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  • ghaaskhatehueghodekipainting
    Oct 16

    Brief backstory, I get a lot of shit from my family because I stopped learning to drive before exams and never got back into it, so they think every time Im trying something new is a diversion to not going back to driving. The backstory to wanting to skate is that I've always thought it was cool and I feel it would help get my mind off of not having an apprenticeship yet. I'm in the UK on a small town, so there's not many skaters at all, can't even recall the last time I saw one. The skatepark is usually filled with complete dicks so I don't think they have a good reputation at all. I showed him one on amazon and he said that I'm 18, not 12, and should be riding motorbikes instead. From a UK standpoint, is it considered weird to skate?
  • ghaaskhatehueghodekipainting
    Oct 10

    I’ve been skating for nearly a year and I have gotten my Ollie’s solid my front 180s solid my half-cabs shuvits etc, I’m getting bored because I want to move on to more advance tricks and especially flip tricks, I’ve been trying kickflips for the past few months and I feel like I’m getting no where. I can flick it fine but I can’t keep my front foot up long enough to get both feet on the board and I just end up landing behind the board. Any help would be much appreciated.. thanks boys Tweakbox
  • ghaaskhatehueghodekipainting
    a day ago

    honestly I’m probably just really weak lmao. Used my dad as a human bearing press and it all worked out well but I don’t recall having a problem switching my old bearings between wheels before. The old bearings are Independent, the new bearings are Reds. UC Browser SHAREit Appvn