Apr 25

Bought my board at the weekend in Brixton,


Edited: Apr 25

Having not skated at all since I was about 15 and now 39, I bought a board on Saturday. I'm fairly fit (or I thought so), I do some weights, do some yoga. I've just been battling my old foe the ollie on Monday and Tuesday. So far I have twanged a muscle in my shoulder and pulled a muscle I never knew I had on the front of my thigh right up near my hip. This is going to be a painful learning curve.

May 1

just keep going man!!! dont quit and just keep learning!!!

Aug 7

Yeah, I feel your pain. I started learning last year and sprained various muscles in search of the Ollie. Still haven't got there yet. Where do you skate in London?

john smith
Sep 17



“I appreciate you more because of the road I've travelled. ...



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  • ghaaskhatehueghodekipainting
    Oct 16

    Brief backstory, I get a lot of shit from my family because I stopped learning to drive before exams and never got back into it, so they think every time Im trying something new is a diversion to not going back to driving. The backstory to wanting to skate is that I've always thought it was cool and I feel it would help get my mind off of not having an apprenticeship yet. I'm in the UK on a small town, so there's not many skaters at all, can't even recall the last time I saw one. The skatepark is usually filled with complete dicks so I don't think they have a good reputation at all. I showed him one on amazon and he said that I'm 18, not 12, and should be riding motorbikes instead. From a UK standpoint, is it considered weird to skate?
  • ghaaskhatehueghodekipainting
    Oct 5

    I found this really cool cruiser called the Dinghy Skeleton but I also want to learn how to do SOME tricks. Should I get the cruiser or might I as well get a normal skateboard. (P.S. I also want to have some sort of smooth ride)
  • ghaaskhatehueghodekipainting
    Oct 10

    I’ve been skating for nearly a year and I have gotten my Ollie’s solid my front 180s solid my half-cabs shuvits etc, I’m getting bored because I want to move on to more advance tricks and especially flip tricks, I’ve been trying kickflips for the past few months and I feel like I’m getting no where. I can flick it fine but I can’t keep my front foot up long enough to get both feet on the board and I just end up landing behind the board. Any help would be much appreciated.. thanks boys Tweakbox