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Blake Quintana
2 days ago

How do these longboards compare to the quality of boards from Arbor, Sector 9, or Santa Cruz?
Oct 18

Hi, ok, this is a devils advocate post. i do not need any convincing on the merits of longboard sailing/surfing. i am however about to launch a little informational-educational campain on some Europea
Mar 2, 2018

Inspirational video showing how passion and art come together!
4 days ago

Hi, i want to learn to noseride on a longboard and looking to go somewhere warm which has suitable long mellow breaks and a rental/school for tips and boards and travel to breaks would be 2 weeks in n
Blake Quintana
May 26, 2018

On a scale from 1 to 10, how is the quality of Yocaher longboards?
Feb 1, 2018

Here'a quik snipit of our downhill session. More to come! And if you know anyone that would be intersted to be a Longboard Rider, feel free to refer them to us at info@yocaher.com