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guide to choosing the right bearing

Every component on a skateboard or longboard is important, but you might not notice if most of them are in poor condition. Not so for the bearings. We can clean and oil our bearings to help them last longer, and we can avoid water so they never rust. Eventually, though, all bearings wear out. So, wh

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Christmas gift guide for longboards

Christmas 2017 Gift Guide - Longboard Edition Some Christmas gifts seem to be perfect. The recipient’s eyes light up and the excitement is palpable. But Christmas gifts are not all equal. Video games are an easy out, but they do nothing to get a kid moving. It’s the same for all the most com

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christmas gift guide for skateboards

Christmas 2017 Gift Guide - Skateboard Edition Skateboarders can be a difficult lot to please. The similarities between equipment and components are many, while the differences are few and subtle. Those differences jump out to skateboarders, though. Skaters never forget their first board.

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tips for better, safer downhill longboarding

Simple Tips for Better, Safer Downhill Longboarding If you live around hills or mountains, or if you’re heading toward some for vacation, consider taking a longboard downhill. This discipline is where the wild ones operate — right on the edge of sanity. The hiss of urethane on asphalt when

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how adjust trucks and wheels

How to Adjust Trucks and Wheels A brand new complete skateboard is an awkward thing. Skateboarders become accustomed to their boards quickly, though. Adjusting to your new board takes some time, but you can adjust your trucks and wheels to suit you right away. Whether a new school skateboa

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learn how to do the darkslide trick

Welcome to the Darkslide Few tricks evoke as much dread as the fabled darkslide. Sliding on obstacles griptape down is an idea from the other side of reality… the darker side. They look like a mistake, like something that was invented on accident — a kickflip boardslide gone wrong. But I a

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masterminds of longboarding

Legends of Thane A tip of the cap to the masterminds of longboarding Whether today’s longboarders know it or not, they are the beneficiaries of some innovative skateboarding laid down by some of the true legends of urethane. The multi-discipline approach of modern longboarding was conceiv

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tutorials, tricks and tips or No Comply

How to do a Vintage No Comply If you’ve been watching skate videos lately, you’ve probably noticed the resurgence of the no comply. This classic trick was hugely popular in the 1980s, but its popularity waned over time. Retro is all the rage now, though, and the no comply is experiencing its

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Tips on how to Balance, Turns, Push and Pop

Skateboarding Tips: Balance, Turns, Push and Pop Experienced skateboarders make skating look easy. When you first step on a board, though, you soon realize that it’s not so simple. The key to learning to skate like a sponsored skater is to start with the basics. Remember, those guys were once

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beginner longboarding tips

Beginning Longboarding: Tips for Riding and What Board to Get Some people were born to ride a longboard. Each new skill comes easily to those lucky few, but longboarding takes patience and practice for everyone else. At first, just coasting on a board without falling is an accomplishment, but most

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flat ground trick tips

Beginning Skateboarding: Flat Ground Trick Tips Learning to ride a skateboard means different things to different people. To some, skateboards are transportation. They learn to keep their balance,to turn, and then they call it good. For a certain breed, though, that doesn’t cut it. To the intr

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4 simple steps to gripping your own skateboard

4 Simple Steps to Gripping your own Board (It really is that easy) In the 14 years I have been skating, there are two things that have come as a shock to me: First, regardless of skill level, not every skater knows how to apply grip to a board. Second, the ones that do know how have incr

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grip tape design tutorial

Getting Creative with Grip Art How to turn your grip tape into an expression of yourself Once upon a time, it was common to see people skating boards with creative grip tape jobs. Originality went by the wayside for a while as the blacked-out popsicle stick skateboard was everywhere. Time

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skate to school essentials

Be Cool, Skate to School We’ve all been there. You reach over to shut off the alarm, only to realize that you’ve hit the snooze button five times. You’ve missed the bus again. What to do if you can’t just call it a day and stay in bed? Maybe you can walk, if you’re lucky enough to live close to s

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basic fundamentals of skateboarding

Beginning Skateboarding Skateboarders the world over cling to one word to describe their skateboarding: progression. No one is ever finished learning new tricks, and the development of a personal skating style is always ongoing. From top-tier professionals to the locals at a skatepark, progress

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Yocaher longboard Combo Kits come with a brand-new pair of Yocaher trucks, four new Speed Cruiser wheels, ABEC-7 Ritalin bearings and ¼-inch riser pads

Combo Kits: Making the Old New Again Nothing approximates the feeling of riding a familiar longboard on new trucks and wheels. A brand-new complete setup doesn’t even compare. A new deck is a strange dance partner at first, and learning its nuances takes time. Not so for trucks, wheels and bear

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A quick rundown of our experience at Agenda Longbeach 2017, and the awesome pictures that we collected.

Agenda Show Recap We are excited to tell you all that last week’s showing, at Agenda Longbeach 2017 show, was a complete success. At first the show felt a bit intimidating walking through the giant doors and setting up under the bright lights, but after doing our rounds

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We are headed to the Agenda Longbeach show, and we are happy to invite you all to join us.

The agenda show is nearly here, and we can’t wait to see you all there. As you all know Agenda is one of the biggest conventions for skateboarding, and skateboard apparel. Of all the brands that applied to participate, we are one of the few selected to participate. So, this year, we are happy

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Our new catalog has been released to see all of our new great products.

The Summer Catalog is Here, and it’s Just in time. As we continue to bring you tons of new products this summer, we are ready to give you something to help keep track of it all. Our new catalog is ready, and it is in. The new catalog showcases this year’s wonderful summer line-up of graphics, co

This entry was posted in BLOG on 6/30/2017

A quick look at our second great release of the summer.

The summer is here, and our second release of hot new graphics is under way. First we brought you the Action pack with all of the comic brilliance. Now, allow us to introduce our new ‘Retro Series.’ Woot Woot! All aboard the nostalgia express. Hop on as we take you through our new line of ‘Retro’ gr

This entry was posted in BLOG on 6/23/2017

An introduction to our new line of summer colors.

Summer is here, and so is our new set of deck colors!! With the change of season underway, we thought we would join in spirit of summer by bringing out some bright and festive summer deck colors. We have three new colors that help address the question “why settle for one color when you can hav

This entry was posted in BLOG on 6/16/2017

A short explanation of all the factors that should be considered when shopping for new wheels and bearings.

Need some wheels? Well, we got em! Wheels are a huge component of a skateboard or longboard, and shopping for the correct wheels is just as important as shopping for the right skateboard deck size and shape. So, take a moment to get to know your wheels and bearing before buying yourself a n

This entry was posted in BLOG on 6/9/2017

A short guide helping you to understand all of the considerations that need to be made when purchasing a longboard for freestyling or dancing.

Show me Your Moves!! With the increase in popularity of freestyling and longboard dancing, we decided to help breakdown the different aspects that must be considered when purchasing a board for these purposes. Longboard Shapes There are three main longboard shapes that are been prevalentl

This entry was posted in BLOG on 5/26/2017

A short tribute to pay respect and show our appreciation for your music.

Rest in Peace Chris Cornell The news of your passing has filled us with much grief and will have a long lasting effect on the skateboard community. Chris Cornell is an icon, especially when speaking of 90’s music. His contribution to the uprising grunge scene of the era will never be for

This entry was posted in BLOG on 5/19/2017

The introduction of our new comic book super hero series

The Action Pack is on the attack!! Our new Comix Series is out, and the Action Pack is making their debut. These three superheroes are making their way through to streets to help clean up crime. Led by Dyn-O-Mite, the action pack combines their power and their efforts to make the greate

This entry was posted in BLOG on 5/5/2017

This guide is to help you become mindful of where you store your skateboard or longboard, as it could have a serious impact on the lifespan of your board.

AHH! What’s Happening to My Board?!? Have you frequently run into performance issues with your skateboard's or longboard's shape? Do you find your board shape becoming distorted, losing pop, warping, or having the layers of wood separate (delaminating)? Many of these issues can be delay

This entry was posted in BLOG on 4/28/2017

Why Aluminum?

Why Aluminum? Most people like to ask which board could afford more than 250 lbs? Could you boards last longer? Are your decks strong enough for carving or downhill? Normally, we are unable to guarantee it. Why? The reason is because wood decks are hard to control and the condition will be bas

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A friendly reminder not to neglect your grip tape, and a short instructional how to best apply griptape.

Don’t Forget the Grip tape!! When shopping to build your own skateboard there are a few key differences between it and shopping and building a longboard. One main difference is Grip tape. Skateboard decks, rarely ever come with grip tape preinstalled, while longboard decks on the other han

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Easily find your favorite skate products while browsing your go to social media site

Our Facebook show is now live to help make shopping for Yocaher products even easier. We all know how much we love Facebook, it helps to remind us of things, it allows us to setup events with multiple friends, and it helps us to keep in touch with distant relatives. Well guess what? It has gotte

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Instructions on how to get some great stickers of your own.

New stickers are out, and they are in your favorite color! Since the launch of our new stickers we have been receiving many inquiries about our stickers, and how to get them. So, we have broken down the easiest way to get yourself a stash of stickers. All it really takes is a Self-Address

This entry was posted in BLOG on 3/14/2017

A quick look at graphics designed and created with the help of our supporters.

Graphic Spotlight We had to take a moment to look at two of our best skateboard designs. As decided on by you, these skateboard graphics were able to come to life. Because of all the valuable feedback and input through social media and our website, we were able to alter and create these great gr

This entry was posted in BLOG on 1/23/2017

Due to popular demand, we are relaunching our countdown decks.

May the Countdown begin! Wait?!? It’s already here. Reintroducing: The Countdown. Confused? Countdown, along with a few other graphics, were recently removed in order to make room for the new line of graphics in the works. Unfortunately, this decision was met with much dismay. We found the disap

This entry was posted in BLOG on 1/16/2017

Through our efforts to build a new skateteam, we came across a gem in Nate Recine

Our New Year's mission to re-create a skate team and revive our presence in the streets has been a long and hard one. Luckily for us, we came across Nathaniel “Nate” Recine. Not only is he a great skater, he is a character. So after we asked him to be our first rider, we thought we would interview h

This entry was posted in BLOG on 1/9/2017

Introducing the newest graphics, fresh for 2017. Yocaher presents the Spirit Animal collection.

New year, New Yocaher! With the New Year rolling in, we are rolling out our new designs. If part of your New Year’s resolutions were to get in touch with your spirit animal, boy will you be happy!! The release of our Spirit Animal series us upon us. Pickup any of these longboards to start

This entry was posted in BLOG on 12/30/2016

A tutorial of how to learn to perform kickflips on a skateboard.

The gift that keeps on giving, our wonderful skate motivation blog. So far we have covered riding, Ollies, and Manuals; it’s about time to move into our very first flip trick. So, the Kickflip is a core skateboard trick. It is one of the most basic flip tricks, and one of the easier to learn flip tr

This entry was posted in BLOG on 12/23/2016

Tutorial on how to perform a Manual on a skateboard, with a video break-down of each step

Now that we have our riding and Ollies down pact, it’s time to move on to the next skateboard trick. So we went ahead and selected the Manual. This is a great transitional trick that can be used to help link tricks together. But first, we must actually learn how to perform this skateboard trick prop

This entry was posted in BLOG on 12/22/2016

A curation of content with time markers to quickly help individuals learn to Ollie on a skateboard.

On our second of many blogs to help you improve your skateboarding skills, we bring you the OLLIE! This is the most basic skateboard trick, which serves as the foundation for nearly every other trick. We searching the inter-webs for the best videos to help bring the fastest improvement to your Ollie

This entry was posted in BLOG on 12/21/2016

We have collected and compiled a guide to help all new riders learn to maneuver their skateboards and longboards

In honor of all of the new people learning to skateboard this holiday season, we thought it would be a great idea to give you a helping hand. We have collected our top three videos to help you to begin to learn to ride your new skateboard. We found these videos to be very helpful, and we even noted

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Welcome to Yocaher Skateboards! Welcome to our blog! We’re excited to introduce a groovy blog to inform our fans with the latest news of the Yocaher Team! In our blog, we will share: our fun stories, adventures, our newest products, our samples, in-depth explanations to FAQs, giveaway ann

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Become A Dealer

<a href="">Fill out my Wufoo form!</a>

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Yocaher Shape Guide

Pintail The Pintail is most suitable for beginners. The flat concave allows easy riding and is fit for a larger sized campus cruiser. The Pintail is your basic, well-rounded longboard. DECKS STARTING AT $34 COMPLETES STARTING AT $70 View all Open Kicktail The Kicktail is similar to the pinta

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It’s lit. If you don’t know, now you know! We are proud to announce the full release of Yocaher Light-Up Wheels. Be sure to grab yours to get lit! Yocaher Light-Up Wheels feature: 4 Bright LEDs per wheel in either red or blue Clear gel wheel White core to amplify the effect of the

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Get your swag!

Who doesn't like free? If you're interested in receiving FREE goodies from us, send us a S.A.S.E (self-addressed stamped envelope) and we will glady send you some some goodies, such as stickers! You can send them to us at: 14455 Ramona Avenue Suite D Chino, CA 91710

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Visit our YouTube channel!

Greetings Everyone! The Yocaher team has been working to provide its fans with content across various platforms. Recently, the team has put focus into providing video content. As of now, we have created specification videos to supplement our shape guide, which you can find in our previous posts. Th

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skateboard advice for last minute christmas shopping

Oh no, we still need Christmas gifts!?! Youve avoided Black Friday because shopping in that madness was just not worth your time. You check out the Cyber Monday deals, but there was nothing you liked. Christmas is approaching quickly! You only have about 16 more days to shop online, and 23 days t

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free y-tool with the purchase of complete longboards or skateboards

Dont forget this skateboard essential With the shopping season in full effect, skateboard and longboards are being bought as gifts all over the world. So to show our appreciation, and to aid the unknowing buyer, we are adding a free Y-tool to every order that contains a pre-built skateboard or lo

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This amazing 16 year old builds a longboard to blow his school project out of the water.

Meet Gresham Veazey, a 16 year old student in Kentucky, who decided he had no limits. When challenged by his carpentry teacher to create a unique project, Gresham jumped at the chance. He decided that he was going to build himself a fully functional longboard, and that he was going to create and per

This entry was posted in BLOG on 12/20/2016
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